We are appointed partners on the YORbuild framework which has been developed to provide an efficient and collaborative approach to the procurement of is a series of collaborative Construction Frameworks for the procurement of building contractors to carry out new build and refurbishment works for the Yorkshire and Humber regions 22 Local Authorities and other regionally based Public Sector Bodies ranging from £5,000.00 to £3,000,000.00.

Approximately £1.2 billion per annum is spent on Construction Services, representing 30% of the regional Local Authorities’ external expenditure. YORbuild aims to provide an attractive procurement route for new build, refurbishment and design build Construction Projects

The YORbuild Framework is one of the largest procurement projects delivered by Local Authorities within the Yorkshire and Humber region and was successfully launched in December 2009 following a fully compliant EU Framework Procurement Process.

For more details on the YORbuild framework, please visit the YORbuild Website